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脐血CD34+ 干/祖细胞
Cord Blood,CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells,Cryopreserved
产品编号: CB34C-1
规  格:
单  价: 询价
生 产 商: Hemacare
到货时间: 3-4 weeks
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Tissue:Cord Blood
Purity:>90% by flow cytometry
Disease State:Healthy
Size:1 x 105 cells
Storage Media:CD34+ stem/progenitor cells are cryopreserved in CryoStor® CS10 media.
Storage Conditions:Either prepare cells for long term storage in Liquid Nitrogen vapor phase or thaw for use. Storage in liquid phase nitrogen is NOT recommended. Short term storage of cells (less than 2 weeks) at -80°C is acceptable, but should be minimized to enusre maximum stability. Once thawed, samples must be used immediately.
Testing:CD34+ stem/progenitor cells are negative for HIV, HBV, HCV, HTLVI/II, Syphilis, ABO antibodies, CMV, NAT, NAT WNV, and Chagas.
Disclaimer:HemaCare products are intended for research use only and not for direct therapeutic or diagnostic use in human or animals, or for further manufacturing of therapeutic products or devices.

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